The Users’ Voice is the internet voice of The John Mordaunt Trust (JMT) which was set up in 1996 to honor the memory of John Mordaunt a much loved and influential AIDS/drugs human rights activist.

Harm Reduction is simply a drug policy paradigm whose primary concern is to reduce the greatest harms of daily use, i.e. overdose, blood borne diseases (BBDs) and crime, including violence related to drug-deals gone wrong. If people choose to come off drugs, of course this is great, but history has shown us that many (dependent) users do not come off, therefore we must take responsibility to minimize the greatest harms to ALL those most directly affected including surrounding communities.

Harm Reduction strategies are essential within current drug policy, as by definition users cannot and do not know the quality (therefore dose) of the drugs they are buying. At least with pharmaceutical drugs, (methadone being the most commonly prescribed therapy), clean needles and tested pills, drug users can protect themselves from death, disease and poisoning. Neither would they feel compelled to commit crimes in order to afford the inflated price of illicit drugs.

Some people have assumed that harm reductionists are naturally legalisers too. This is not true, though John unashamedly was.

John Mordaunt Trust Trustees

  • Reverend Kenneth Leech DD
  • Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt MSc

Management Committee Members

  • Shirley Scott Norton
  • Dr Adrian Garfoot M.D
  • Mark Goldstein BA

Advisory Board

  • Hattie Wells MSc
  • Lin Scott
  • Amber Marks MSc
  • Cindy Fazey PhD

We could do with a few more user activist (board) members. If you are based in the UK/London (though London, not essential), can write and are interested in users doing it for themselves, please contact us. Cheers!

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