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Report Back from “Breaking Convention VI”

Breaking Convention (BC) had its 6th Big Gathering at Exeter University in April 2023. I went along to see if there was any positive news about the healing of people in chronic pain, long term depressives, People Who Use Drugs daily (PWUDs), aka ‘addicts’ and so on. And to see old friends of course: Hattie […]

Books Launching at The London School of Health and Tropical Medicine: “Queer Footprints” by Dan Glass, and “Our Stories Told By Us” by Winnie Sseramu, Angela Namiba, Charity Nyirenda, Rebecca Mbewe and Memory Sachikonye..

It was exciting and thankfully, my new friend Skye arrived bang on time. Waiting for Dan Glass’s (DG) book and watching him go through the process of writing it on Social Media gave us a “can’t wait” build up. Nice! So it was also lovely to see that he did what he is famous for […]

Right About Psychedelics, After All

Ok, she was young at 12 to be experimenting with psychedelic drugs but that’s what was happening. Sure it would have been better if she had waited a further 14 years – experts in the 21st Century are saying that the adult brain isn’t fully formed til 25 – but you know it would also […]


      LEAP UK LAUNCH – When the Cops said we refuse to arrest drug users any more Under the slogan “Legalise all drugs/Ask us why” Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), an organization of former & current police-officers that was founded originally in the United States in 2002, came together in Committee Room 10 […]

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