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From 1998-2002, the JMT’s magazine, Users’ Voice was published 18 times. The JMT was assisted to do this by several different funders and graphic designers – Comic Relief, Central and North West London drug services, Drugscope, Bristol Myers Squibb, JP Getty Charitable Foundation, Trevor Parsons, Paul Mitchell, Mohammed Sahid and John Campbell. THANKS A ZILLION TO ALL OF YOU.

Please note: We decided to just include the more recent editions of the Users’ Voice and only a few earlier ones. Please feel free to contact us if you want to read the earlier hard copies.

Issue 1: [7 pages]

  • The John Mordaunt Trust – Who, What and Why?
  • First, let’s reduce the harm
  • Happy Ending – by Andy

Issue 2: [8 pages]

  • HIV+ ex-user addresses the UNGASS, 1998 (UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs) re the futility and inhumanity of the drug war – the speech by Marsha Burnett
  • A User’s Tale – by Jo Leigh

Issue 3: [5 pages]

  • Hit OR miss – by Jude

Issue 4: [6 pages, 285KB]

  • Editorial;We need Unity! – by Andria
  • Letters
  • Fear & Loathing in New Britain by ‘Teeny Blair’
  • Not ‘Monkeying’ Around Anymore – by Washington DC’s David Morrison
  • Young People, drug misuse and homelessness – by Tim Meddick

Issue 5:[5 pages, 227KB]

  • Letters
  • Let It Be Me – John Francis of New Delhi’s ‘Beyond Appearances’ User-Group
  • Living with hep C and treatment – by Jim the Plumber
  • ‘Tackling Drugs,’ ignoring users – by Tom Hood
  • Working in the Field – by Gary Sutton

Issue 6: Editorial: [7 pages, 790KB]

  • Get grateful, become an activist – by Andria
  • Telling it like it is – Andria Efthimiou addresses the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (policy-making wing of UN drug bureaucracy.)
  • The Chill-out room
  • A new beginning – IHRA involves Users big-time at their Geneva Conf.
  • In the beginning was the word, and the word was ignorance – by Lin Scott
  • All we need is truth and time – Imani Woods

Issue 7: [4 pages, 421KB]

  • A Star in the East – drug users organise at Slovenian conference
  • The TRANSFORM interview with founder member, Danny Kushlick
  • AIDS Treatments: getting the knowledge

Issue 8: [4 pages, 907KB]

  • Positive change in Puerto Rico by Nemesio Moreno
  • In memoriam for Joe Magee, 22 and his Ma; poem, “Bear Dancing” by Steve Martin
  • My First Time – Ben Shuttleworth (RIP) attends his 1st drug conference
  • Hep C figuring out the facts..Matt Dolan.

Issue 9: [8 pages, 508KB]

  • Don’t get carried away; there must be a new [drug policy] approach grounded in commons sense, Ethan Nadelmann, Exec Director of the Drug Policy Alliance teaches a more pragmatic and compassionate way.
  • Me & Mr Nice: UV9 interviews the infamous Howard Marks.
  • The AIDS/User movement: an herstory by Andria Efthimiou.
  • Breaking down the myths; inspired by Transforms campaign pack, Ritza see a very real potential for change.
  • Using drugs can be ok in recovery; Jude gets real about depression.

Issue 10: [3 pages]

Issue 11: [10 pages]

Issue 12: [6 pages]

Issue 13: [7 page]

  • Editorial: ‘It’s been a long time coming but i know a change is gonna come’ (Otis Redding song title used as editorial title.)
  • Wales to get it’s own Y-Llais (user Group). Justin Glover reports
  • Dr David Marjot enlightens. Drug deaths – what really kills drug users..
  • Anonymous academic talks; Living with drugs at work
  • A year on Interferon: Sue Charlesworth, the brave, copes with HCV treatment.

Issue 14: [9 pages]

  • Mr Protest himself gay activist Peter Thatchell speaks out about AIDS and drugs.
  • Matt Dolan gives the low down on HCV treatments when on methadone
  • Vic Hernandez American AIDS researcher and activist keeps us on our toes about AIDS. Thank-God somebody does
  • UK Harm Reduction Alliance 1st conference report.

Issue 15: [7 pages]

  • Editorial, Hope Springs Eternal
  • Weary but not sleeping, Peter McDermott, writer and activist
  • The Latins get organised, Andria Efthimiou on the 1st Latin American Harm Reduction conference.
  • AMFAR’s Dr. Mathilde Krim: AIDS prevention – another History lesson.

Issue 16: [10 pages, 288KB]

  • Editorial: Rebel with a cause, Brian Paddick famous for the Brixton ‘experiment’ interviewed.
  • Liberate the Spirit. UV looks at Spirituality and drugs – Mohammed SajidRev.
  • Ken Leech, drugs and spirituality.
  • Drugs, no drugs: God’s love always the sameRabbi Schacter-Shalomi.
  • Maureen Roberts, a pioneering user’s Mum inspires all.
  • Cannabis Users Guide; avoiding any adverse affects, by Chris Sanders

Issue 17: [16 pages]

Issue 18: [10 pages]

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